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The mission of the Holistic Pet Center is to help consumers look past the advertising and at the actual ingredients that our companion pets are ingesting, and then to provide those healthy alternatives that strengthen the immune system and promote overall health and vitality.

Established in 1988, the Holistic Pet Center, aka "The Health Food Store for Pets", continues to provide information that will enhance the health of dogs and cats.

As a retail store, the Holistic Pet Center offers only healthy alternatives for dogs and cats. Our criteria for dog and cat food is:
no preservatives, no by-products, no sugar, no nitrates, no artificial colors, and no artificial flavors.

We sell thousands upon thousands of pounds of Innova, California Natural, Karma, Precise, Nature's Variety, EVO, Orijen, Natural Life, Wellness, Acana, and Cornucopia dog and cat foods every single month!

We have a line of vitamins, Vetline Veterinary Vitamins, made to our own specifications in a FDA certified lab here in Oregon. We not only sell them at the Holistic Pet Center, but also through our mail order catalog, to other retail stores, groomers, health food stores, and veterinarians nationwide.    

At the Holistic Pet Center we believe the best gift you can give your pet is good health.

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