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Our Book: Flea Control: a Holistic and Humouous Approach
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a brand new book about fleas!

Discover.....their favorite food, music, sexual preferences, and how to KILL THEM DEAD!

But wait.....this book is not about toxic chemicals, creepy insecticides or nasty fleabombs.

Yes.......this book is about natural, organic, safe and effective stuff.

"A humorous and refreshing approach to the war on fleas. Great basic and useful information that everyone can understand. This book will help you to accept the fact that these 'nasty little creatures' are here to stay, but give you many options to fight back. All without using toxic chemicals."

Pamela Webb
Man's Best Friend
Portland, Oregon

"Here at last is a book that brings together answers in the battle against fleas from a holistic point of view. These solutions not only work in the short term but also in the long term because they don't weaken the pet's immune system and compound the problem, but rather support the health of the pet."

Dr. Bob Ulrich
Whole Pet Veterinary Services
Portland, Oregon

"A rare combination of educational material and an entertaining style. It will leave you itching for more."

Marilyn Wall
Wall and Wall, PC
Portland, Oregon

Price: $12.00, plus shipping & handling (See catalog)

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